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Boston Counseling Therapy Terms Defined

Searching for Therapy in Boston or Cambridge, MA? But not sure what exactly it is you are looking for. Perhaps you have heard the terms: Therapy, Counseling, Psychology, and Life Coaching? The purpose of this post is to help you recognize and identify the similarities and differences between these services. (Boston Counseling is available today -- 617-395-5806) Therapy Related Terms and Definitions: Therapy: Therapy is a broad term, and can be used to describe a wide variety of “therapeutic” services. Therapy services include anything from Physical Therapy, to Wardrobe Therapy (apparently this is the process of improving one’s fashion), to the Professional Counseling Therapy Services provided at Thrive Boston Counseling. Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy is the process of using psychological and mental health techniques in a one-on-one, or a group setting. With psychotherapy, a therapist and client will often discuss personal aspects of a client’s life as part of

Boston Counseling Article about Emotional Eating: Steps for Overcoming Food Cravings

Emotional eating is the process of consuming foods (often high calorie, fatty foods) as a way to cope with personal stress and duress. Effective ways of curbing the habit of emotional eating involve finding new, healthier, methods of coping with—or altering—one’s emotional state. At Thrive Counseling, we have discovered that the following basic strategies are helpful to our clients. ....continue reading, click below: Boston Counseling Article