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Being a Good Leader: 3 Counseling Tips

Everyone in life wants to be a good leader, but in order to become one, you must exude a set of unique qualities. People say that good leaders have to be charismatic, strong, strong-minded, hard working, and the list goes on and on. Although some of these characteristics may be true, in order to be a good leader, you must apply these 3 main qualities: 1)    Be an optimistic Person – No matter what hardships one may be faced with in life, it is essential to take into consideration how these hardships are dealt with. A true leader will look at a problem and immediately think of numerous ways to solve it rather than spend time dwelling upon it. No matter what the problem may be, whether physical or mental, a true leader will not cause a fit because they know that as soon as anger arises, their judgment becomes clouded. 2)    Have a Vision – Believe it or not, many people live lives without having any goals or dreams. The people that live these lives are in no way lea

Harvard Pilgrim Counselors In Boston - United Behavioral Health Therapist

To better serve Cambridge, MA and people in the greater boston area, Thrive Boston Counseling now accepts Harvard Pilgrim and other United Behavioral Health Insurance plans. If you are insured by Harvard Pilgrim of United Behavioural Health, and are looking for Mental Health Counseling, Psychotherapy, or Couples Counseling, please feel free to contact Thrive, and we can help you to set up your first appointment. This is the same excellent care Thrive Boston Counseling has a reputation for, it's now even easier to access for Harvard-Pilgrim / UBH insured. Sincerely, Dr. Anthony Centore Director, Thrive Boston Counseling 617-395-5806